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I finally found how to submit a problem... so here goes...

     (I would like to clarify, since I use an ad blocker I am not getting the normal ads you click on, just the sound ones, that come after songs.)

     Everyone knows that ads are essential to make money, and I don't have a problem with that.  If you don't want ads 'Pay for premium', but I think the way that the ads are sent is a problem.  I am grateful that Spotify puts ads in-between songs I could not imagine getting ads mid-song, *you are listening to a song, but then suddenly you get a political ad that melts your eardrums*,  but I still think you should be able to mess with the volume on them.  The ads are often much louder than the songs or of similar volume and there is NO WAY to turn them down.  On trying to move the sound slider it grays out, but not for just the ad, the sound slider is grayed out until you reload the page, not when the ad ends.  Even if Spotify does decides to not let you mess with volume, please give us the option to use the sound slider after the ad ends (if we clicked on it) of course if you don't touch the slider, you wont have the problem but it is still annoying.  I also think you should be able to tone down the ads' sound.  I know keeping the ads annoying is a sneaky way to get us to try to pay for premium, but it is seriously a pain for many.  No one wants to hear a loud ad, over and over again.  At least please give us a compromise where we can turn the volume down slightly please.
     The next problem is the ads we get.  While the ads normally don't match what we would consider buying (not Spotify's fault for that) they keep getting sent over and over again.  While I probably have gotten 10-20 ads from various places (including spotify) I have gotten 45-60 ads from 'Odwalla'. Odwalla is advertising their 'keto-friendly, '0 sugar, sugar free, yes sugar free', yogurt or smoothies.  (I actually just got the ad as writing this sentence.)  If I didn't click on the banner the first few times I probably wont after 50.  I think Spotify should have a limit to the amount of times an advertiser can send you the same ad.  As annoying as this would be, I would be willing to go up to 10 of the same ads (preferable 2-3), but NOT 50!  Or maybe Spotify could let us have the 'Not Interested' button so it wont send us the same ad again or more than one time.  It would still let the ad play, but after that no more ads about said product.  There is plenty of ads on spotify so I am sure that Spotify could find us a new ad.
     When I got the ads from spotify there were about doing some survey.  When I clicked on the banner, because I would enjoy to win 3 months of no-odwalla-ads, I went to fill it out and after a few questions, it said 'Not Eligible' that is fine.  But now that you know I am 'Not Eligible' can you stop sending me the ad?  I feel like Spotify needs a way smarted ad system.  While you probably don't get ads from Odwalla, I'm sure there is some advertising company doing the same thing to you.  Please talk about your experiences with ads under this comment.  Also, Please up-vote so Spotify can hopefully see this.