Same song on Queue

Same song on Queue



I use Spotify Premium on multiple devices, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Chromecast audio Speakers...

Anyway, everytime I'm using the app for Windows and I play a playlist, or an album, or an artist (doesn't mind really) there's always this one song (Money by Cardi B) that appears as "Next In Queue", even if it isn't on the playlist, album or artist songs list. This only happens when I use Spotify on Windows.

I'm sure it's a bug. Can an update solve this? Or will I need to uninistal and instal again? And if I do, will I lose my downloaded songs from my drive?


Thank you for your time,


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Hey @jmcbarradas


Reinstalling might help here best since this issue only happens in one Spotify app. 🙂

You will have to redownload content that you have downloaded for offline listening on your PC.


Here's a guide on how to reinstall; I also recommend restarting your PC before redownloading Spotify.


Let me know how it goes!

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