Saved artists not playing only songs in library

Saved artists not playing only songs in library

I followed all my artists and then saved the specific songs I liked for each yet when I got to an artist in the artist tab it doesn't take me to the saved songs it just takes me to the artist page and plays all their songs. Is the only way to avoid this to just make playlists? I remember it used to be the artist tab only played the songs you liked.

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Go to Your Library/Liked Songs, press Ctrl + F, type an artist name untill you get relevant results.

Is there a way to query the artist paramter specifically? Because songs from other artist still appear, for example if the artists name is in the song title or album name of another artist, most noticable with cover songs.

Surely there is practical way to play only songs that you have liked from a form a specific artist? 

I'm afraid currently there is no way to do this. Viewing saved albums and tracks for particular artist would be very useful feature.

All I can suggest is sorting by artist in addition to using filter, so that all the tracks from the artist you are looking for would be placed together in the search results. Then you can press Shift and click on the first and on the last track of the artist and add them to queue or create playlist.


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