Saved songs not syncing


Saved songs not syncing








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 I recently got Premium and I have Spotify installed on my phone and my computer. I have saved songs to my library on my phone and they don't show up in the desktop version. Also, I just added a bunch of songs to my library on the desktop, and they dont show up on the app on my phone. I am logged into the same account, are they supposed to be seperate? Can they be synced somehow so I can find music on my pc at home then listen to it on my phone at work? I really don't want to add artists and songs on both seperatly every time, thank you.

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Hey there @oobmab,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


It seems like you might have a small connectivity issue, as you stated loging in with the same details.


Please reach your account page online and click "Sign Out Everywhere".

After that, reinstall Spotify on your devices.

Log back in with the same details on all devices and it should do the trick.


Let me know how you did 😃


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