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Scroll mode doesn't stay active in See all discography modes

Scroll mode doesn't stay active in See all discography modes

Steps to reproduce
1) Open any artist
2) Click SEE ALL under discography
3) Ensure ALL is enabled on top right & scroll to end for any older albums
4) Open the older album and return back
5) Returning back doesn't remember the scroll location and is reset to the top of the page with recent albums

Issue is applicable in both android and desktop
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Hey there,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 


We've tried to reproduce it following the steps you've provided and it works as expected on our end. 


Can you try restarting both your phone and your computer to see if that makes any difference for you? 


Sometimes cached files on your computer/phone might cause an issue with app's performance. Not to worry, clean reinstalling the app on both your devices should help solve this.  This is more thorough usual one and it'll also get you the latest app version with all necessary updates and fixes.


In case the issue persists, if a family member has a Spotify account, it could also be a good idea to ask them to log in on your devices to see if the app behaves the same way.

Let us know how it goes. We'll be here if you have any further questions.

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