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The most recent Spotify Desktop update ( seems to have severely limited the amount of search results that appear. When choosing "see all" while searching songs, the app stops displaying results after some point. The amount of results displayed seems to be arbitrary, and depends on the search term. When searching "test" there were only 30 results, but searching "testing" gave 720 results. Searching "love" only gave 400 results. After restarting the app, "test" had 2000 results, "testing" had 80, and "love" had 560. There are definitely more songs for these terms, as the Spotify web app gives 1000 results for each search. In previous versions, the app would give around 10,000 results if you scrolled far enough. Reinstalling the app does not fix this issue. Could this be an issue with my laptop, or is anyone else experiencing a similar issue?

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Hi @SumBuddy,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


The search results you're receiving are largely influenced by the country of your account and your music preferences. Also it is expected that you get different search results depending on the platform. 


First we'd suggest running a clean reinstallation of the app on all your devices. This includes deleting the app cache, which can cause such issues if corrupted. Check out this guide for the device relevant steps.


Let us know how it goes.

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