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Search changes next from queue

Search changes next from queue

as a preface I have premium and use Spotify on windows and android. this is not an issue on android, when I search for a song on my playlist and play it the next from section at the bottom of the queue is no longer my playlist, only the search results. I'm fully aware someone has already posted this issue and there's a "solution" basically just says its a feature. every reply after that criticizes the feature. given as its not even a thing on mobile versions of Spotify I think it should be added as an option to switch between its mobile behavior and its current state on PC


for context for the screenshot I searched "mag" 


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Hi @Conclavice!


The search field in playlists actually functions as a "filter", meaning it would only display (and subsequently queue) songs that match the keywords you've entered, filtering out the rest.


There is a workaround for this which I think is exactly what you're looking for:

  1. Open your playlist and enter a few keywords in the search field. The app will automatically filter out all other results and will only display those that match them.
  2. Instead of playing the desired song directly, add it to the queue instead. The app will play it once the current track is over (or just press Next from the playback controls to skip to it).
  3. Now clear all filters and continue playing your playlist as normal.

Tip: the same workaround can be used in the mobile app as well. You can access the Sort & Filter options by swiping down on the playlist (just make sure Smart Shuffle is toggled off).


Hope this info was useful. Cheers!

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