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Searching within a Playlist is not working as intended

Searching within a Playlist is not working as intended







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

My Search Option in my Spotify App is not working as it is intended(?). I am having an issue with adding playing a song when searching.

Here's what happened.

Let's say I searched for "Katy Perry" within my General Playlist (which contains songs from different artist, genre etc). And I click on any of the songs that matches with "Katy Perry". my entire Queue List is only playing songs from that search parameter only, aka only Katy Perry songs, and not only playing that one song I selected and the entire playlist reshuffles randomly from the General Playlist.

I want the function to be exactly like my IOS phone App, where whenever I search a song and then select that song, it will play that song and then reshuffles my entire playlist, instead of just what's on the search parameter. 

Im not sure if I'm the only one experiencing this or if there's a setting somewhere I should change, or it's just like that as it is. 


If so, please tell me a solution. Hopefully you guys understand my issue.

3 Replies

Hey there @tonyojimbo


Thanks for getting in touch about this.


Keep in mind that the Play queue is generated depending on the song/album/playlist you play first, but it will change if you start playing something else.


If you listen to a playlist, but then you filter the songs in it and click play from one of songs you filtered, a new Play queue will start based on those results only.


If you start listening to an album/playlist and want to continue listening to it after playing a specific song you found after filtering, you need to make sure to add that song to the queue so the original Play queue isn't affected.


Hope this clears things up! If you need help with anything else, just let us know.



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I see, so you're saying if i "search" for 1 song, and play that song (not using Add to Queue), my Queue List will only play that song over and over? The function seems to be not the greatest and having to right click and click Add to Queue.

I thought previous function where when i searched for a song within a playlist, i can click on it and play without changing the entire Queue List into what's only being filtered into.


I thought the function was "search" not really "filter" because that gets rid of all the songs within the playlist if you search and play only within the filter.


I think I also used to know the function is not working what i wanted. I remembered searching for a song, click on the song (not playing or queueing), and close the search, it will take me to the song on the playlist immediately (from the big Playlist), and then i can play the song from there and therefore, generating a Queue List from the entire playlist and not restricted to what i searched.

Hey @tonyojimbo,

Thanks for the reply.


We've passed your feedback on to the developer teams. It's always valuable to hear which design features are enjoyed by real users and which aren't.


Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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