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Secret Playlist = Secret Listening?

Secret Playlist = Secret Listening?






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I just got married and have started using Spotify for **bleep** music. I know that I can do a private session where no one can see what I'm listening to, but I'm also wondering if I make a secret playlist, will people still see what I'm listening to when I use it? I don't really want people to know every time husband and I are having **bleep**, but I might not always remember to switch to a private session. So if listening to a secret playlist prevents others for seeing wayw I'm listening to automatically, that would be great

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If you listen to music from a private playlists, the other people on the social feed will only see the song, artists and album that you're currently listening to, not the playlist that it's from. The secret or private playlist also won't show up on your profile. So if you want to keep it very secret make the playlist secret and toggle private mode.

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