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Seeing Every Device on Base

Seeing Every Device on Base

Hey Everyone,


I am currently deployed for a wonderful time of sitting in the desert listening to music for a year. At least I thought I would be. Turns out the only internet I currently have where I am located is essentially a public access net that you pay big bucks for a whole 6ish Mbps. Then to top it off, spotify wasnt loading and being so slow everything just failed to load. I couldn't quite figure it out at first but I do have some technical experience. Turns out it is tied to the amount of devices I am seeing on the network here. It is actually so insane it is stopping the app from working all together and I am completely unable to use it. Is there some sort of way to turn off this "feature" of seeing the 80+ Xbox Ones that are connected to this access point. Spotify plez.


spotify devices.png
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Hey @Cured_Apathy  Thanks for your service!


Unfortunately, there isn't a way to remove all the devices that you can see that's on the same network. Now what i could recommend on doing is downloading all the songs in offline mode that way you can listen to your music without interruptions and without using the on base network. 



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