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Selecting "Everywhere" device stops music on PC

Selecting "Everywhere" device stops music on PC

I have multiple Echo devices that work well playing simultaniously using the "Everywhere" device.  I want to include my PC in the everywhere group.  How can I manage which devices are in my everywhere group?  Can I create another group and select devices?

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I know this is an old post, but as no-one replied and I still have this issue in 2020, I thought it bump it.

Everywhere means everywhere, not all devices except 1/some.

Either rename it to something else or make it EVERYWHERE!

I have the same problem. Spotify Connect seems to only work with Wi-Fi enabled speakers/devices that support Spotify. It should have the option to include the device that is streaming the music...

I found a workaround to get it to play from my PC speakers, but it's not a great one though... It requires a supported device, a bluetooth receiver with a male headphone jack adapter and a speaker setup with a female headphone jack.

Connected my bedroom Echo Flex to the bluetooth receiver, and then put the receiver into my PC speakers. Selected "Everywhere" on Spotify on my PC and it included the Echo. Have another Echo Flex in my kitchen that is connected to a bluetooth speaker as well.

+1 to this!


Strangely, "everywhere" used to work on my PC but has stopped working at some recent time. Now, selecting "everywhere" only plays on my Echos,  but stops on my PC. That is dum.

I completely agree. My computer runs audi thru external speakers thru a good part of my studio... if I select "Listening on Everywhere"... it only plays on devices... computer goes mute.


+1 Same issue play "Everywhere" only place on my Eco, Sounds bar and nothing on PC!

Same after 3 years, but the problem wouldn't be so bad IF it wasn't that it USED to work, can't be happy to pay for this level of service

DO BETTER, SPOTIFY!!!! 4 years and no solutions, let alone a response?!?! (Yes, chances are this is a topic broached in another thread...but this is the thread I found haha).

I want my music to play from my Fire TV, my Alexa, and my MacBook when I am working and playing music. But when I select "Everywhere" when playing primarily from my MacBook, it stops the playthrough on the laptop and only plays on the FireTV and Echo. That's pretty lame. Please fix!

Spotify do better.... 13/07/2023 still nothing done about this!

Can we get thix fixed please? Everywhere should include desktop apps not just speakers

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