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Shuffle Problems

Shuffle Problems


I am having some trouble with shuffling a playlist. I have seen similar topics but none with helpful answers.








Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

 I had a playlist full with some albums and songs that were released recently. It was a big day for releases, so I organised them in a playlist. Here, it shuffles fine.


After a while I had had my fill of this new music and decided to combine it with a selection of my most played songs from my song list.


Now, the shuffle is broken. No matter which song I start from, all the songles in the shuffled list are from the new songs, recently added to the playlist. Any old songs that were originally in the playlist are not played until all of these new ones have been and gone. I can tell as towards the last song that spotify shows me in 'Next Up' is one from the original list. After this, it shuffles the old ones. It's like it shuffles all of the new songs, then shuffles all of the old ones and puts that after. I've tried placing it into a new playlist but the issue persists.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



EDIT: This does not happen on iOS versions of the app. I can even use spotify Connect to play on my phone and the problem dissapears! It's only when I try to play through my PC when I get a problem.

3 Replies

I am having the same problem. I've even tried uninstalling the desktop app and re-installing and it's still broken.

Spotify need to sort this out. Shuffle no longer works on my android app. I ended up downloading something called Shuffly to create random play lists for me  

Same for me - any new songs i added to a playlist are always kept in an almost 'preset order'. In the past when i've hit shuffle it'll give me a new order of songs each time, but not it's just 3 versions, and the newer songs i've added get placed at the bottom of the 'shuffled' playlist.

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