Shuffle just doesn't work.


Shuffle just doesn't work.

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The algorithm that Spotify employs to "shuffle" songs is a complete and utter joke. My library onspotify contains over 2,500 songs and yet when i hit shuffle i hear the same 100-150 songs over and over. I wish there was a way to choose whether you wanted the algorithm or just a truly random shuffle, and its not like I can turn to another service like Apple Music because they employ the same algorithm technology on their application as well. I just wish implementations were made to at least attempt at fixing the algorithm or allowing users to choose a truly random shuffling method. 

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Hello ThaWizard16,

Thanks for posting on the community.


That is (at least for me) a common problem.

The shuffle algorithm is always the same, so when you hit shuffle it plays always at the same 'shuffle' order.


I do it like this: 

First I press shuffle on top of the album,

then I hit a random amount of times on next song,

then I turn shuffle play off,

then I hit another random amount on next song,

at last I turn shuffle on.


That way I always start at another point in the 'random' order of the shuffle, so it seems like shuffle.

Are you tired of the shuffle order? No problem, just don't do the last step, that plays the songs in normal order, but from a random spot.


I know this is'ent a Solution, but it works for me.

I'ts not like spotify is not going to change the way shuffle behaves soon so I do it like this.




Re: Shuffle just doesn't work.

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I second that. In fact, even a poorly shuffled deck of cards will rotate the entire set of 52. The Spotify shuffle is broken. I'm paying for this product. When will this be fixed?


And yes  I have the latest version...always  It's been this way for multiple versions! 


Re: Shuffle just doesn't work.

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I appreciate the tip, I will be sure to try this and see what kind of results I come up with.


Re: Shuffle just doesn't work.


Hi have premium and my favourite playlist has around 2700 songs. When I play the list in shuffle mode it seems to shuffle ok. However say I do the same thing 2 days later it seems to favour songs from the previous play even though shuffle is on.


I was concerned Spotify are shuffling to "suit" their sales.


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