Slow response and more issues

Slow response and more issues








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Windows 10

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From today's silent update, my Desktop app has ran into various issues, however, the original desktop UI still remains.


Album order: The album is not sorted correctly, even with articles omitted. The artists are still sorted in the right order, but not the title of the albums from each artist.


Other 4 albums at the bottom and after: REAL, BBIBBI, Modern Times Epilogue, Palette, eight.

The albums that starts with Korean title (Flower Bookmark albums) needs to be at the bottom of all albums from IU.


Slow response: It now takes like 2 seconds to switch a song on other release. Additionally, when I go to album view and scrolls, it also takes 2 secs for album covers to load, so as switching tabs to playlists/albums, also requires 2 secs wait.


And for another album, once I clicked play from the title, after 2 secs, the track plays. And when I pause, it don't do anything for 2 secs before the song actually pause.




This update has absolutely ruined my Spotify experience, as a premium since 2015, I hope that me or anyone from TH won't get the A/B test at any time, well, don't event implement these. I was about to switch to A**** but their catalogue, particularly, Kpop, has so many issues, so please don't go that way.


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I am getting this issue as well.


I'm getting all these issues too. I tried to chat with customer service and they said the sorting issue "was to be expected". But they didn't solve anything about the slowness of my Windows app.


Very annoying. Please value our experience more!


"To be expected?" Sorry, Spotify, but that's the biggest crock of shite I've ever heard. Everyone knows how the alphabet works. I hope it doesn't take nine months to fix like it did the last time you **bleep** up the sorting logic.


And before you tell us to restart our devices or reinstall the apps, that doesn't help. Chat support treated me like an **bleep** who can barely use his phone. This is YOUR problem. Listen to the issues your users are reporting.

Apparently scr3w and id1ot are curse words to Spotify. Bleeping them out makes my previous post sound a lot more offensive than it really was. (Funny that "shite" is allowed, though.)

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