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Some local files not playing on desktop

Some local files not playing on desktop





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Windows 10

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For some reason, when I add some songs via local file to spotify, it will be unavailable on desktop, but it will play and download on the android app. The message I get is "This song is not available. If you have the file on your computer you can import it." Why would it not play on the device the song was on originally? Why can it be played on other devices but not my computer? I've already made sure that I'm using the latest desktop version, and I've already cleared the cache for it, so this should not be happening. 

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Hey @Tommaniacal, welcome to the Community!


You can try removing the source of your local files and adding them back to see if it makes a difference.


If not, try a clean reinstall to see if it helps.


Let us know how it goes.


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