Some songs are bugged


Some songs are bugged

Casual Listener

Alright, so i've been using spotify for the past 1/2 years just fine, on pc and mobile. But recently on the spotify desktop app, Some songs are kinda bugged.

Whenever i play a song thats "bugged" It wont play. At all. It doesn't get highlighted, The playlist doesnt get highlighted, the album doesn't get highlighted if im playing it from there, nothing happens.


If i try doing it when im playing a song that works, The song i was playing completely stops, the playback controls grey out (minus the repeat and shuffle buttons), The seeker greys out and resets to 0:00-x:xx (depending on the song length i was playing before)


Soon after, the song info dissapears, and the seeker is set to 0:00-0:00 This has locked me out of any song i have not put into my playlists, excluding a few, but the vast majority are completely bugged.


I'm on windows 10 if that helps.