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'Something went wrong' password reset

'Something went wrong' password reset








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I tried to reset my password. When I went to the reset website and input the password well. I click the button and it feedback "Oops! Something went wrong, please try again.". I have no idea for this situation. I have tried Edge and Chrome, but it didn't work.

(I use VPN and I reset password successful before.)

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I just spent an hour with a support guy. He did everything he could I guess. No solution, said it's an ongoing issue. So I came to this forum to see what's the status on it. Found out people are complaining they cannot reuse passwords. I would swear I haven't used all of the passwords I tried, but they might have been similar and it could be an issue as well. Try generating a completely random password and resetting it to that. It worked for me finally.

Hey @3956ray,


Thanks for reaching out!
Note that VPN use can sometimes interfere with the app itself, as well as the website. We recommend avoiding the use of VPN or excluding the Spotify app from the VPN list (if applicable).
What I'd advise in your situation is to try to reset your password with just your normal internet connection and no VPN. 

If this doesn't help though, other things you can try are:

Keep us posted on how things go!

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