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Song Radio not working properly

Song Radio not working properly



so recently the song radio feature has stopped working for me.

The option "go to song radio" (I use the German version, so I don't know if this is the exact translation of the menu entry) is still there in the little pop-up menu when I right-click on a song, but instead of sending me to an actual radio station based on that song, clicking on it will now just take me to a playlist called "[name of the song] radio". All the song radio stations I previously listened to are still there in the "recent" tab (the one on the left saying "Zuletzt gehört" in the German version), so I know the feature itself isn't broken, but I am unable to create a new station. So basically, I have been stuck with the same radio station for the past like two weeks or so, which is getting kind of monotonous.

I use both the Windows Desktop App as well as the Android App, and the issue is the same with both of these.

Please help me, listening to the same music over and over again is starting to drive me insane!

Thanks, and Merry Christmas 🙂

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I'm having the same exact issue. What's going on? I can go to a song radio from a song, but I can't save the station, and some of the song stations are really good! I still have all my old song radios under "Stations" but I can't create a new one on Android app. On the desktop app, if I "Follow" a song radio, it just makes a new playlist, but doesn't save it to a Station.

Having this same issue. Some research into this seems to lead towards a change Spotify made that sounds like they're intent is for song radios to be the more standard listening approach wherein you search for a song, listen to it, and the following music is essentially a radio based on the last song you listened to through the search option. While this seems fine from that perspective it has removed our ability to like/dislike a song or remove it from that songs playlist. Setting up song/artist radios and then liking/disliking songs to get radios I enjoyed was my primary method of using spotify and this has completely broken my way of finding music.

Same issue. I really liked this feature

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