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Song starts in the middle

Song starts in the middle







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Windows 10



When Spotify switch to the next song on the playlist it starts about halv way in. Its not everytime, but often enough.
Ive notised its happend to atleast two songs most often:
Five Finger Death Punch - I Refuse (2:15) and

Five Finger Death Punch - Gone Away (1:20)

It happends both on the phone and on my PC.

Someone else have a similar problem? It drives me crazy!

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Same thing has been happening to me. But originally for me that song would start normally. The song recently started starting from the middle. I am not sure what is going on but would like to know how to fix it as well!

Welcome to the Community, @Psychoo87! The reason why I think is that the location where your mouse is. If you normally use the arrow keys to use to scroll down, the arrow mouse will disappear. If the mouse is placed on the bar it will start in the middle.

If this is not the problem why, please do not reply. 

Happy Holidays!


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