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Songs stop after 10 seconds on Windows PC

Songs stop after 10 seconds on Windows PC

Since earlier this week, Spotify seems to be broken. All songs stop after 10 seconds of playing. The timer still moves, but it just goes silent. Moving forwards or backwards using the slider does no good. Moreover, when I select a song or skip a song on my playlist, it starts skipping songs(3~5) until it lands on some random music. The only solution I have found was to switch browsers. But this only works once. After I reboot my computer, the browser that I've switched to will also stop working. So I am running out of browsers, fast. I did read some posts earlier this year discussing a similar issue, but they seemed to be limited to IOS devices. But it works perfectly fine on my phone, both the app and the web player.

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Hello @esterecord 


Have I understood correctly that this affects only the web player on your computer?

That's pretty curious.


I would suggest wiping your cookies and cache in the browser, as well as look into your Connect to a Device tab. Sometimes you may end up with multiple web player instances which then cause issues.


Let me know how it goes for you!

I have the same issue but on my iPhone! It is just pausing a song randomly at 10 seconds and it won’t let me skip or scrub. 

I've settled down on Firefox. It seems to be the only browser working at the moment. Too bad that I use chrome as my main browser. But it will do for now.

Hi folks! 


Thanks for your replies. 


@cailiny7, since the issue you mentioned is on a different device, we'd recommend creating a new thread on the relevant Help board. We'll carry on with the help there. 


@esterecord, just to make sure, have you tried the steps @Sebasty suggested previously? Also, would you mind letting us know if this is only happening on the web player or on the desktop app as well? Additionally, would you mind trying with a different internet connection to check if that makes the difference?


Keep us posted on how it goes.

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