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Songs will not play on desktop

Songs will not play on desktop








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My Question or Issue

I am getting so fed up with this issue and I have tried every solution I could find and it actually made it WORSE. Recently my desktop was not able to play most songs outside of my liked playlist. All of my saved songs would play but I couldn't really play most of the new songs. So I decided to finally do something about it and after messing around with the settings and completely reinstalling the Spotify, now NOTHING works including my saved songs. Now I can't even play my liked playlist without getting the "Can't play current song" error.


I have tried reinstalling, clearing cache (I think this is what made everything worse), turning all the settings off/on and trying out each option.


I am basically paying $10 a month for nothing. It works on my iPhone perfectly but I don't use my phone for music much.

10 Replies

I have a similar issue.


It's been going on for months.


This failure of the company is honestly unacceptable.

My issue is that the songs will play for about 7 seconds, then stop and say "can't play curretn song." 

I legit don't know what else to do, my desktop and web player have issues but everything works on my andriod phone fine, same internet connected at the same time, my phone has the updated version of a playlist and wont even show on my pc that I did that with my phone, I've reinstalled a million times, cleaned out my cache, changed the cahce folder destination, moved it back when it didnt work, rename the folder, restarted my pc, moved the entire spotify apllication to my bigger hard drive in case space was an issue, turned on crossfade and put it on 0 seconds, turned it back off, turned high quality streaming off and back on, turned hardware acceleration off and on.

I'm at my witts end. I don't pay for just myself, I pay for my friends accounts through family and it STILL only affects me. I'm getting pretty fed up.

Exact same problem! I don't know what's going on 😞

Oh my god this is my exact problem! Plays for 3-7 seconds before nothing (that's even if the song begins to play in the first place) and I can't even use web player. I tried starting a playlist on my phone then switching the device to pc and nothing. Same problem on my tablet too. Tried emailing support, surprise surprise no response. After reading through all the suggestions in other threads I too am at a loss, it seems I've tried everything.

I have also tried contacting their support and they were useless. They just told me solutions I've already tried.


It's so sad that the only replies under the thread are people having the exact same issue. Come on Spotify...

We literally have the same issue, the 7 seconds thing, and I find it funny that was have the same name irl... Kayla..

I am also facing the same problem. Don't know how to fix it without idioms.

So I tested my spotify account on my friend's laptop and it literally worked fine. I don't know what could be causing this issue but it is clearly pc related for me at least, and not account related.

Having the same problem that's been going on for almost a week now.

This is very disappointing and unprofessional on their behalf given that we're paying them regularly for premium. 

My client works fine on other devices, but I can't play it on my own laptop.

I hope that people who are responsible for fixing this bug get up their asses and fix this. 

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