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Sorting playlists on desktop annoying bug

Sorting playlists on desktop annoying bug

On the desktop application for Windows, when you sort a playlist by a setting that is not the default, let's say sort by name in ascending order, and you play a song, then you click on the song image on the left, because you want to be taken to the location of the song in the playlist, the player takes you to the position the song would have if the playlist was unsorted. 


For example if I added the songs "A" "B" "C" "D" in this exact order in the playlist, then sorted by descending name, the playlist would look like this: "D" "C" "B" "A". Then I decide I want to play song "A" in the now sorted playlist. I play song "A" and I click the image to take me to its location in the playlist. The desktop player should take me to the last place of the playlist, but it takes me to the first song in the playlist, which in this instance is the location of the song "D" .


Doesn't happen on mobile. Only on desktop.

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