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Sorting searches by popularity.

Sorting searches by popularity.

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but here goes. I used to be able to sort songs from artists by popularity (search for artist > see all songs > click on thumbs up icon) , but recently clicking on the icon doesn’t do anything. Anyone knows a fix for this? Much appreciated.

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This stopped working for me too. In fact I can't sort by anything anymore, and I can't mouse over the rating bar too see the amount of plays anymore. No idea why this changed.

Hey, thanks for the reply! Glad to know its not just me. It was driving me nuts, trying to find a way to sort my searches.

Do you have Spotify Premium?


I need this option too! Please asap.

I used to use it very much, and can't now anymore.

Why is that? Whose bright idea was it to remove it? What a dork.

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