Sorting the word "the"


Sorting the word "the"

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For the last day or two, when I sort one of my playlists, Songs and Band names that begin with the word "the" are now being sorted as if they begin with the letter "T."  In other words, The Beatles are now being sorted under "T" rather than "B." 


It has never been like this before for as long as I've used Spotify.  Did I accidentally change something in my parameters, or is this a new change to Spotify?  If it is a new change, I dislike it a lot, because I use those alphabetical sorts for various song selection purposes, and this change disrupts what I like to do.


Thanks for your help!


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Gig Goer

I just noticed the same thing today. It also is happening with tracks so "A Million Dreams" shows up in "A" instead of "M." I noticed because a playlist order was not the same on my PC as it was on my iphone. I closed and reopened my iphone app and suddenly it's behaving the same way. I really hope this is a bug and not a change in how they deal with articles at the front of songs/artists/albums.

Casual Listener

Yes, I noticed that the "A"s were also being sorted differently after I posted.  I actually was able to adapt to the new way easier than I expected, but still this is not the way I would sort things.  It's especially strange when band names like The Doors are sorted under "T."