Spotify App Freezing when opening from taskbar


Spotify App Freezing when opening from taskbar


Hi there,

I'm having a bit of an odd issue with my Spotify application on Windows 10.  Many times I'll open up Spotify and get music playing and minimize it to the taskbar (so it's always open, just not pulled up on the screen).  After some time, the application will freeze and will not allow any interaction with the application.  Music still plays just fine, and my media buttons work on my keyboard, but actually clicking around within the program is not available anywhere between 10-15 seconds of waiting.

Furthermore, this is after about a half hour of not interacting with the program.  A slight delay would make sense, but a continuous freeze that I can't do anything until it "catches up" doesn't seem quite right.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the application this morning in hopes to remedy the issue, but the issue is still persistent.


Anything else I can try to resolve this would be appreciated.  I am up to date on updates as well.  Please see further 





United States


Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1

Operating System

Windows 10

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I'd try to delete the Spotify folder at %localappdata%. If you have Offline Songs, leave the "Storage" folder untouched.

Did you also try the Microsoft Store Version?