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Spotify App behaving like an empty shell

Spotify App behaving like an empty shell

About 1 month ago spotify stopped working on my desktop. I used to use it everyday but since then I wasn´t able to. I don´t like streaming using via youtube or the web player , so I am reaching out to this community to help me.


What did I try?

-Went through the settings and switched things (streaming quality and local data allowance)

-Normal reinstall of Spotify

-Clean reinstall of Spotify

- Watched some threads but they didn´t help me.


My issue:

When I try to play music the app won´t do anything. It doesn´t even recognize that there are songs on my playlist or that I am requesting to play something. (see screenshots below).

Any help is appreciated


Extra Infos:

Free Spotify




Asus Laptop. Middle Class.

Operating System

Windows 10.


This problem only occurs on my laptop.  It works fine on my phone


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