Spotify App stops playing randomly [1809]

Spotify App stops playing randomly [1809]



So ever since I updated to Windows 1809, i've noticed that my Spotify randomly just stops playing. 


Sometimes it cuts audio, and the counter for the current track will keep counting until the song is finished. Other times the counter stops. I can still search the library, but I cant play any other songs when this happens. If I try to click the [x] and then relaunch it it says "The Spotify application is not responding". I have to completely end task the Spotify app through Task Manager and then relaunch it again. 


When it does this it also jumps up to 15-20% CPU usage instead of the normal 1-2%


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling to ensure I had the latest version, still the same issue. 


Windows 10 Professional version 1809 (OS Build 17763.134) 




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