Spotify Changed Every Song In My Playlist

Spotify Changed Every Song In My Playlist






I can list specs if needed? Caselabs SMA8 Crossfire VII 1070ti 2700x

Operating System

Win 10


My Question or Issue

Every once in a while I copy my favorite songs to a new playlist and save the old one so I know what songs I liked.


Basically, this time I wanted to keep my followers, so I copied all the songs to a new playlist (from the old one) and then deleted the songs that I didnt like on the old playlist. This new playlist somehow got corrupted or something and EVERY SINGLE SONG got SWITCHED with a random song (same genre for some reason). I lost the whole playlist and had to start it again from scratch using the new copy and memory. Why did this happen and can it be prevented in the future, also is there a way to restore a playlist from a certain time?



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