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Spotify Connect Issue

Spotify Connect Issue

I was told to share this here after speaking with support.

So, this is a rather odd situation. I've actually fixed my problem, however, it was so strange that I wanted to inform someone of what happened. I have been having problems recently with the Connect feature. While both my laptop running Linux and my Android phone could see one another, my Windows desktop showed no other devices, nor could my other devices see it. Reinstalling Spotify on my desktop fixed the problem, however it would immediately stop working if I closed the program. I was able to track the issue to a specific file in "C:\Users\(my-username\AppData\Local\Spotify\Users\(my-username)-user\" The file in question was "abba.json". This file is created/overwritten when Spotify opens, but seems to have no discernible purpose. I managed to replace it with a blank file and remove all permissions to prevent Spotify from modifying it. Everything appears to be working so far. I just wanted to share my experience. Thank you.

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