Spotify Connect is stuck

Spotify Connect is stuck






Desktop PC, iPhone 7Plus , iPad

Operating System

iOS12 and Windows 10


My Question or Issue

My PC only partially recognizes my mobile devices.
But every time I open Spotify he shows me the same song that is played by my PC. Although I do not play anything. And every time I want to play on my iPhone, he also plays the same song.

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having the same problem 😞 did you come across a fix?

No. It´s still the same.

I have the same problem. No connection from my PC-Spotify-Webbrowser to my Spotify Notebook App.

BTW: Befor a selected Song start on Webbrowser a green bar is flashing up two or three times under the ControlPanel. And the title is not updated one the left side!

I have the same with my PC in my Office. It shows that my Home PC is playing but it is turned off. And everytime when I want to change the song the green bar on the bottom flashes up, and it stucks again.

Do you still have this problem? Suddenly I have the same issue and I don't know how fix it...

Yup, nothing has changed

Spotify has f-ed something up for real with the whole Connect thing in the last few updates.

The seamless jump between devices that they actually got to work after many years of trying seem to be long gone.


Try to rewrite your problem to make it look like a new future and post it in the 'Ideas' part of the forum cause that seem to be the way they sort things like this now days.


Sad but true...

Seems like an issue with my account (premium family)

I added a new profile to the familiy account and everything works like a charme with this new account.

Spotify messed something up with my master account. When I joined I got a welcome message naming a familiy member and not the abonnement owner...

Yes I created a new account and it worked fine.

But just for some days. Now it is the same Problem again.

@FlipJohnny wrote:

Yes I created a new account and it worked fine.

But just for some days. Now it is the same Problem again.

Have you tried to logout and login again on either your computer or phone?

It still only works temporarily but it's easier than creating a new account.

Seems that they loose the connection with each other in some way that is then restored when a new device is logged on.


If we want it sorted one of us should do what I wrote in my other post and bring this up as a new terrific feature in the New Ideas forum. Doubt it will be sorted out otherwise...


Yes, I've lost most of my faith in Spotify the last few months.

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