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Spotify Connect only working after install

Spotify Connect only working after install

Hello, I'm currently using a Windows 10 Pro RS6 build 18305.

I can use spotify connect after installation spotify, either the spotify on windows store

but after I close it, and open it again, Spotify Connect doesn't detect any devices

I've tried to disable windows firewall, changing private - public, it's still doesn't work.

In Previous Windows, (Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC build 180914), I can use spotify connect without any problem. it is happened after I reinstall windows. please help me.

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I have the exact same problem. 
Started this week I guess, never had any troubles with connecting to my iPad or iPhone.
Now when I do a fresh install of spotify on windows 10, I can connect to my devices without any problems. But when I close and reopen spotify, I can't see any device to connect. So when I want to connect to devices I have to unistall and reinstall spotify everytime.
I didn't do a fresh install of windows, this problem just came out of nowhere..

Similar Spotify Connect issue on win10:

All had worked fine for years until two days ago. In Spotify Connect, I see some devices but selecting any of them does nothing - it just stays on This Computer. A reinstall of Spotify fixes it for a while, but sometime later it breaks again. Then must reinstall again, which fixes it again for a while, etc, etc.


same here

I have the same issue. Only uninstalling and reinstalling fixes the issue, but after a restart or the next day, the same problem would occur. My phone is able to see how many devices are connected, but on the PC, it shows non.

Hey there, i had the same issue with my mobile phone, fire tv stick and laptop.

I just removed access from every app spotify had (account overview/Apps in the browser), reinstalled spotify on every device and it seems to be working now.

I have encountered the same problem.  If I reinstall Spotify from Windows Store or from Spotify the device list works one time only.  After a  Spotify restart the device list no longer works.  The only solution I found was to install an older version of Spotify.  Spotify version has been working after repeated start cycles for the last day.  There appears to be a fault between Windows 10 and newer version of Spotify.  I am using Windows 10 Home edition Version 1803.

try spotify, worked for me.



Spotify is not fixing this. I spent an hour speaking to them and was forced to make a new account. Really not happy, and Spotify are being silent on this.


If yours is broken you will be forced to make a new account, there's no way around it. But of course they won't tell us that here. I was told all users with this issue will have to go through this process.

Same issue.


Just stopped working a few weeks ago.


Edit: Older versions also not working. Macbook also not working

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