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Spotify Glitch

Spotify Glitch

Ok, so i was listening to music, and i wanted to skip my song. Instead of clicking the skip buttons on the bottom of the screen, i clicked the next song's play button. I don't know what i did, but it said i was playing the song i tried to skip, and i couldn't hear anything. No buttons do anything. Once the song finished (where i am now) A blue popup at the top of the screen appeared saying 'Please try that again after this ad'. I'm not allowed to view my play queue as well. A BMW 7-Series advertisement is showing in the bottom left, but if i click play, it says it's 2:31 seconds long, and i hear nothing.


Edit: I think it had something to do with clicking to one song, clicking back, and then to the same song again but really fast.


I am on Windows 8.1 using a Non-Premium version of spotify.

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the only thing i can do is click on the ad

wow now thats what i call advertising

Restarting does nothing

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