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Spotify Shuffle not using the whole library

Spotify Shuffle not using the whole library

I have a library of several hundred songs and like to play from my entire library using the shuffle feature. Recently I've noticed that I don't hear much from the older songs in my library and all the shuffle lists start from the most recently added songs. To test out my suspicions I sorted the library alphabetically and started a new shuffle. 

Every single song on the shuffle queue is either starting with a number or the letter A. The shuffle list is only using the top few songs from my library. This is severely unsatisfactory behavior, I dont want to have to micromanage my listening experience to make sure I'm getting a variety of songs. I dont want songs starting with letters B-Z to be ignored, otherwise why have any of them on the platform at all. 

If I don't see a way to fix this I may just stop using spotify and move over to another service.


edit: I am using windows 10, windows 7, android and iOS iphone. The screen shots are from Windows 10. I mainly use spotify on my laptops (windows) and my iphone when outside. I have this problem only on desktop.

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