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Spotify Web Player passes clicks through top bar

Spotify Web Player passes clicks through top bar


Windows 10, Firefox, Web Player

(Apologies for posting this in the wrong forum, but there doesn't seem to be a specific forum for the web player.)


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The top bar (black or purple, depending on page) uses the pointer-events: none CSS property, which allows user interaction with non-visible elements.


When the cursor is hovered over the crosshair in this photo, you can see that the browser identifies this as a link hotspot, and shows the URL in the bottom left corner.



By disabling the pointer-events: none rule, (causing it to reset to pointer-events: auto), the same spot no longer appears as a hotspot, and is not clickable.


Notably, all other elements in the top bar and user menu still function as normal with pointer-events: auto.


Recommend updating the CSS to remove this property from this element.

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