Spotify app can't connect to android

Spotify app can't connect to android







Dell G3 3579

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Hi, my Spotify app that I downloaded from the Spotify's official web page can't connect to my Android phone. This problem actually started last year but I thought this problem will fix itself but it doesn't. I've tried a clean reinstall and turning off hardware acceleration. The curious thing is that the Spotify web player works with connect, yet the official app doesn't work. Is there any other suggestion?

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Hey @Reyss! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That's odd.

I know that sounds like a dumb question. But are you sure that you're logged into the same account on both of your devices? And have you downloaded the app through the Windows Store by any chance? 


Let me know how it goes! ^^



I've actually contacted a support agent a few minutes after making this post, sadly after contacting 3 different agents I still don't have my solution just yet.


Here is some general information

  • Both devices are logged into the same account.
  • Both devices are running on the lastest Windows 10/ Android 10 update.
  • Spotify Desktop version
  • Spotify Mobile version
  • I had this problem for several months, but I ignored this thinking this will fix itself with updates.


Here are the troubleshooting steps that I’ve done.

  • Running the app as an administrator
  • Connecting both devices to the same network.
  • Clean Reinstall on both devices.
  • Restarting both devices
  • Toggling off show local devices only.
  • Using 4G mobile hotpot to connect both devices.
  • Logging off the Web Player and closing the tab.
  • Logging in using Email & Password instead of Facebook login.
  • Logging in using test account that a support agent provided.
  • Turning off Virus & Threat protection from Windows Defender.
  • Turning off Firewall & Network protection from Windows Defender.

The last agent that I talked to just ended the support chat abruptly either by accident or on purpose. I'll probably try to contact them again later today as this chat lasted 2 and a half hours.


I just contacted the 4th support agent and did a couple of more troubleshooting.

- Making sure that the UPnP is toggled on in the router settings.

- Turning on Bluetooth my desktop.

- Logging in and out again after all other steps.


The support agent came to a conclusion that this problem is unique to my machine and may be related to incompatibilities with either Microsoft or Dell, which is the manufacturer of my laptop.


If anyone here is using a Dell G3 3579 please let me know how Spotify runs in your machine.

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