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Spotify can't play this right now.

Spotify can't play this right now.






Operating System

Windows 10, multiple computers


My Question or Issue

 For weeks I have been getting a consistent yet intermittent issue trying to play songs. I won't hear any sound for the first ~5 seconds of the song and then a blue pop up will appear at the top of the app saying "Spotify can't play this right now. If you have the file on your computer you can import it."


I've attempted to troubleshoot this on my own but the problem has yet to be resolved.


Step's I've taken:

1. Tested on another w10 machine - both show the same issue, in fact the second machine seemed to be even worse than the one I was using it on originally.

2. Turned off hardware acceleration.

3. Cleared local-files.bnk while spotify was shut down - I also searched the C: drive for any other instance of the .bnk filetype that might be hidden somewhere and didn't find any. The problem persists.

4. Logged out and then deleted the entire user folder in roaming, this doesn't seem to have made a difference either.

5. Installed over spotify using an old install linked in one of the threads on here. This worked but a) looks ugly to me and b) the next time you start Spotify it auto downloads the latest version. After a few starts and stops Spotify eventually got back to the latest version and the problem reappeared.


I really want to like this service but as it stands the constantly buggy client just isn't worth the $11 subscription fee.

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For me, if I delete the cache before I start Spotify, it only takes 15-20 minutes for Spotify to become responsive enough to play music without skipping/stopping, and for pages/playlists/etc to load when I click on them.


If I don't delete the cache, it takes at least 45 minutes.


With the dedicated hard-drive I have just for Spotify GRINDING the entire time.


Hopefully that'll help you/someone only pull out half of their hair.

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