Spotify cannot play song and then skips all songs... (with a workaround)


Spotify cannot play song and then skips all songs... (with a workaround)








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I had the dread Spotify can't play issue where it would attempt to play and then skip the song after 2~ seconds.. and then  skip every other song...

I had this sporadically, and a app restart would clear this issue.

However this time nothing seemed to fix it... 


In addition I used to redirect spotify to another sound output... (default was headset, spotify would go to a hifi system via another output.. This was done through WIndows 10 "App vloume and Device Preferences").. However when this issue started, I noticed that spotify was not part of the list of apps... This would seem to be related to the issue, as it looks like Windows doesn't see spotify as an app with sound output?

Anyway.. I tried all the suggestions in this forum.

Clear out DNS hosts file (although I had nothing in mine to clear out)..

Restart App.

Restart PC.

Clear local spotify cache.

Uninstall spotify/Reinstall Spotify

None of these fixed my issue.


I must also point out that I had another pc, next to this, using the same account and it was working fine...


So anyway... I did managed to get a workaround..


I installed the Spotify App from the Microsoft Store... This has currently resolved the issue...


So I have no idea what caused the desktop version to stop working, but to me looks like some kind of bug.. but I have spotify working by now using the MS store app... Lets see how long this lasts....