Spotify connect not working for windows app

Spotify connect not working for windows app







iPhone 8 Plus, desktop computer

Operating System

Windows 10, iOS 13.3.

My Question or Issue

For almost a year now my desktop version of spotify doesnt work properly. The connect to a device function does not find my phone or any other devices, neither any other devices can find my desktop spotify. 

It works properly with web version of spotify on the same computer and also works on tv, everything is in sync, besides desktop version.


I have tried updating both mobile and desktop apps, completely clean reinstalling spotify, clearing cache and all spotify related folders and files I could find in appdata and everywher else, restarting router/computer (its been months, duh), tried allowing spotify through firewall and even completely disabling firewall, I dont use any antivirus programs so I know theyre not blocking it,  and I even changed my router recently, but still no luck. I have to add that it does sync local files somehow.


Its annoying to need to use spotify on web when theres an app for that... Please help me to finaly find a solution that wouldn't require me reinstalling windows.

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Hey @Tomlibux,


Thanks for posting here.


The troubleshooting steps that you've tried so far are very good.


In case you're using the app from our website, it's a good idea to try downloading it from the Microsoft store and vice versa to see if that changes anything.


If you're using a VPN, we'd suggest you disable it to see if that makes a difference.


If the issue persists, could you share with us a video recording or screenshots of what you're seeing? We'll look into this further.


Keep us posted.

Ver Moderator
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