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Spotify crashing after screen timeout

Spotify crashing after screen timeout

Whenever my PC display turns off, Spotify switch the audio output to the headset and once I wake my PC (By moving mouse to turn display back on) Spotify crash itself. It started happening after I reinstalled windows but then I don't think windows is causing this problem since I've tested the same thing in Chrome playing music and it doesn't crash.


Spotify was first switching music after screen timeout but after reinstalling the app it started crashing.

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Hi there @user-removed

thanks for reaching out !


I would like to suggest you perform a clean reinstall of your app (it's a bit different from the regular one) as it tends to solve small issues like this one.


To do so, please make sure to follow the instructions given on this Spotify answer.


Hope this'll help.

Let me know how it goes 🙂

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