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Spotify desktop app shows 1 row of pixels on other screen in multi-monitor setup

Spotify desktop app shows 1 row of pixels on other screen in multi-monitor setup





Operating System

Windows 10 - Spotify Desktop App


My Question or Issue

When the Spotify Desktop app is maximized on a screen on my multi-monitor setup, and it is currently in focus, a single row of pixels from the right or left side of the app (depending if the app is on the left or right monitor) extends onto the other monitor.


For example in attached screenshot of the left side of my main monitor (I recommend zooming in to the screenshot further), Spotify is maximized on my secondary monitor which is to the left of my main monitor, by using the maximize button at the top right of the app (I did not manually strech by dragging the edges of the app). My monitors are of different resolutions (my main is 1920x1080, my secondary is 1680x1050) so you can see on the one screenshot of the left side of my primary monitor, the tiny bit of red line at the top left is my mouse over the 'x' button of the Spotify app and you can see where the app bottom ends with my different resolution screens. Will likely need to zoom in to the picture quite a bit to really see it since it's only 1 pixel wide.


In the screenshot of the seam of both my screens which I have already zoomed in,  you can also see Spotify desktop app is extending over by just 1 row of pixels as well while it is in focus.


I don't know why, but Spotify just seems to grow by 1 pixel when the app is in focus. Once the app loses focus, the extra row of pixels disappears. This only happen with the Spotify desktop app. I have tried a variety of other programs such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Word and even just the Windows File Explorer, and none of them exhibit this issue of displaying 1 row of pixels on my other monitor when they are maximized and in focus.

spotify bleed - monitor seam closeup.png
spotify bleed to other monitor.png
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I have the same issue. Only fix I've found is to un-maximize (middle button between minimize and close), then re-maximize, then there won't be the extra pixel. I have to do it every time I open the app however, which is super annoying.

In my case it makes this string black instead of white but it never goes away ((

I have the same issue, it's not in the way, but it's annoying.

Same problem, very annoying

Bump, annoying af.




United States


Desktop PC

Operating System

Windows 10

Version: 21H2

OS Build: 19044.2006

Experience: WFEP 120.2212.4180.0


My Question or Issue

The Spotify window bleeds onto my second monitor. The monitors are configured to be side by side in the display settings and both are 1920 x 1080.


When I first launch Spotify, it launches maximized, which is fine and I like it, but it will be several pixels onto the other monitor I have (this happens if it opens on the left or right monitor). After resizing Spotify by dragging the window to unmaximize it then maximizing it again, it appears to then only be a pixel or two onto the other monitor. Less than before, but still into the other space.


Not a big issue, but definitely interesting. I've tested other applications on my PC, and none of them show signs of having a line of pixels or more onto my other monitor.


Same issue on windows 11 and Linux

Same issue here, can't believe this is still an issue in 2023.

Same issue here, a line 1 pixel wide bleeds onto my main monitor when I have Spotify open in the second monitor.

Making the window smaller and maximising again (every single time I open Spotify) fixes it for that session.

it's also what I made every day since 2 years....

Wow, I'm so glad to have found so many other people with this issue yet also sorry for all of you. Been searching for years to find a fix and have somehow only just found this thread. Thanks to everyone for confirming it's still a thing for others than myself

Same issue here for a long time and as already mentioned, Restore Down / Maximize resolves this only for the issue to reappear on the next launch. It's such a pet peeve for me though even if it's a very minor thing

Same, done it since the first time I ever installed Spotify, across multiple devices

Hey folks, 


Thanks for the reports and all the info you've sent so far. 


We can confirm that we've passed it on to the relevant team to be looked into. However, we're afraid we can't provide you with a timeframe for this to be fixed, but we'll let you know in this thread if we get any new information or developments about it.



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3 months later still not fixed...

3 months later still not fixed...

1 more month later, still not fixed...


Still not fixed! Issue still occurring feb 10th 2024. Mildly frustrating ongoing issue that was raised 1,323 days ago...

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