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Spotify doesn't play firefox

Spotify doesn't play firefox

Today Spotify webplayer update


Shuffle playback and infinite playback do not turn off when you click Refresh.


This patch does not seem to be Firefox.

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Hey @k-pop! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That's odd.

Have you tried to use a different browser to see if that issue still persists?

And have you tried to clear your Firefox browser cache/cookies?


Let me know if that helps, thanks! ^^


did u download from Spotify site? i did n np 100 % works

I'm having the same issue using Firfox on Windows 10 Desktop since yesterday. I cleared my cache, deleted cookies and cleared the browsing history as well.


I can't download the Desktop app as I am at work and need admin rights; however when I sopke to our IT dept, they advised it should still work as normal. They haven't performed any updates or changed any settings on the servers.

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