Spotify doesn't play songs from search

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Spotify doesn't play songs from search




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Windows 10

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Hey All!

My spotify seems to be really broken-- not sure how, though. Whenever I search for a song via the search bar at the top, none of the results play when clicked on. I get the symbol over the image as though the song is playing, though I get a black record in place of the album art in the bottom left and the scrub bar doesn't have a marker:



While this may seem unrelated, I also cannot access the "see what your friends are listening to" feature as for the longest time, it just said that none of my friends were listening to anything, though after a clean re-install, according to the tab, I no longer am following anyone! (My account says it is following 27 people). 

I'm thinking that this is all some sort of network issue, has anyone experienced anything similar or have any solutions? Thanks so much!

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Re: Spotify doesn't play songs from search


I have the same issue, but I don't have a solution either, sorry. It might be an issue on Spotify's end since I've never seen or had this issue until recently

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Re: Spotify doesn't play songs from search


Me too. Dont know to fix it.