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Spotify freezing without crashing

Spotify freezing without crashing

So I got this really weird bug with Spotify (Win10) after ive had it open for a while where the program freezes in a way that I can't press anything. I can't stop the music, change volume, skip/change track.. anything. If I do try and press a button my mouse will hit the page I have under Spotify, forexample if I try and exit Spotify and I got a Chrome page under, it will close Chrome, not Spotify. It's kinda hard to explain but it's like the page isn't there, yet I can still see it. 


What's even wierded is if this happens while i'm listening to something it will keep playing the music even when the page is not responding in any way. The only way to shut down the music, and temporarly fix the problem is to open task manager and force shutdown of the program. I've never experience anything similar with any other program, and it's really quite strange. Any ideas what I could do to fix it? I've already tried reinstalling, and even changed to the windows 10 store version, nothing worked so far. 


I appreciate any help or feedback. Cheers!


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