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Spotify is turning the volume down.

Spotify is turning the volume down.






Computer, using desktop client

Operating System

Windows 10 64 bit.


My Issue:

At random times spotify starts to turn the volume down by itself, like fading out a song but in the middel of a song! Sometimes the sound comes back after a few secounds other times I have to adjust the volume slider in Spotify.  The windows communication setting is off, so that won't be the issue. The normailze volume setting in spotify is also off. I tried turning off hardware accleration for spotify off, but I still have the issue. Please help 😞


EDIT: The sounds comes back when there is another sound like windows notifications.


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Hi there @Juncker177771,

thanks for posting !


Please make sure to check out this explaination on the Spotify Connect feature incase you have any device effecting the volume on the other.


On top of that, please check that:

- Your systems are updated

- Your Spotify app is updated across all devices

- Audio drivers are updated


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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