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Spotify is unbelievably slow

Spotify is unbelievably slow








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Windows 7


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The spotify desktop app is the slowest app I have ever used, bar none, I have turned off hardware acceleration as was advised, which worked for all of two minutes. Sometimes it can take half an hour and three tries just to load the home tab, after which it's a coin flip whether anything else will load or if I have to restart the app again. I can't understand how something can run THIS slowly, any help would be appreciated.

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I'd suggest trying the basic troubleshooting stuff first see if any of that helps. Especially the part of someone else trying the app on your machine, or try your account on another device. See if any of that helps, hope it does 🙂

Hi. I had the same problem on ROG laptop which for me is uncredibly odd that music app is more stressful for my computer than playing games. 

Although i was able to settle it down by killing process of 'GPU tweak II'; which is annoying as **bleep** cause i need this software to ease-out fps drops i am experiencing, and can't listen to my music in the same time. Shame on you Spotify, shame... 


unfortunately I'm having this problem!

Honestly it depends on your laptop/desktop. I have a Windows 7 laptop and Spotify loads and responds very quickly.  On my Mac, it takes probably 2 minutes to fully open. I have a very large local music library on that system though, so I'm assuming that is part, if not all, of the issue.

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