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Spotify keeps playing random songs

Spotify keeps playing random songs

ive checked the queue, my spotify just plays a song from a random playlist ive never even seen before. One second I could be listening to my playlist and then it just switches to a random song. I believe it has something to do with "Spotify Web Player (Chrome)" i have never recognized that device before

JN. is my playlist, the other two keeps getting played randomly when im listening to my own playist

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i got the same problem. I listen to a song from my Playlist and then, "Carnaval(feat.Noe Jimenez)" appears.


I don´t know the song and i would´t listen to it.


Sometimes I have opened Spotify in background and i´m not listening to music and suddenly the same song is played outa nowhere.


When the random Song is played, i look to the right where I can change to another device and there is listed "Spotify web player (Chrome)" what i´ve never used before.



thx for help

I have the exact same problem.  A random playlist, “Live The Music.” that I have never listened to before has entirely hijacked my Spotify app. I’ve cleared the queue multiple times and shuffle is not selected. The playlist will even start playing on its own if the Spotify app is open.  Deleting and reinstalling Spotify does nothing to solve this problem. Any time I try to use Spotify, any song I choose is changed to the accursed playlist within three seconds.

I get exactly the same where a random playlist by a guy called Max Planter that I have never heard of starts playing.

Any solutions Spotify? It's making the service unusable but I'm still paying you.

Mine does it too, every 2. Minute. 

For at least 2 month now. 

Tried change password, logged put of all devices. 

Still the same

Same EXACT issue! Spotify do something, I just upgraded to premium and this REALLY ISN'T WORTH MY MONEY.

Same here. Keeps jumping to chrome player and playing Memories by YK10. Musically not bad, but not my thing.

I contacted customer service, they reset everything along with my password,
it works now. I suggest you do the same, life’s too short to waste on
inconsistent music players.

Same here. Mine keeps redirecting to an artist called Chacra that I've never heard of before. I thought maybe I'd let it play the song out to see if it'd stop, but it keeps interrupting the Chacra song with a different one from the same artist.

Spotify is clearly drunk.

i'm also having issues with spotify playing random songs (from my playlists), i play one song, i queue another song while my other song is playing but it plays another song that's in my playlists.

i do  have autoplay simular songs when your music ends disabled.

I had the same problem. I logged out of all devices (an option on the website under account settings) and changed my password. In hindsight, probably should have done it in reverse. Either way, the random song stopped playing every 40 seconds!

I re-set the password, but the problem persisted. Then I did all of the following, and now the problem is gone. Not sure which step(s) actually solved the problem:



1. I un-installed some "add-on" apps on my phone that communicaed with Spotify.

2. I went to my account page, and under apps, I revoked access to a number of third-party apps that I wasn't using regularly.

3. I un-installed Spotify from my phone, and then put it to restart.

4. On my PC, I followed instructions on what to do if my account had been taken over (this included a password reset and signing out of everywhere).

5. I changed my passwords to my email and facebook, just to be safe.

6. I re-installed Spotify on the phone.


And the problem was gone! Hope this helps with your issue as well!

Found a reply from one of the Spotify techs: If [you are using the free service], you will get suggested tracks injected into your playlist if it contains less than 12 artists. 

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