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Spotify lagging after data folder hits its limit 10 gb

Spotify lagging after data folder hits its limit 10 gb







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Windows 10


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My spotify has been lagging incredibly bad for the last weeks, it did work for a while(5-15 minutes) well and then started lagging. Now it got so bad it started almost right away.


When searching playlist/starting song/seeking/pausing everything it came with like 2-5 seconds delay. Even after closing Spotify it continued playing song for same time.


I tried anything I could find from Internet and I came to conclusion that my data folder has come to its capped size of 10 GB. I deleted it and now spotify is working great again.


I hope this helps anyone having the same issue and also that devs fix this issue.

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Hey there @Zardon,

Thanks posting here in the Community! We'll gladly help you out.

The app shouldn't lag regardless of the size of the app data folder. It's possible that some files of the app files have gotten corrupted and are causing the issue. We recommend that you follow the steps listed here to perform a clean reinstall of the app.

It would be best if you try bot the MicrosoftStore version as well as the one from our website. You should also check if you have enough free space on your Windows drive for the OS to function properly.

Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

have a nice day!

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