Spotify on Desktop not connecting to other devices

Spotify on Desktop not connecting to other devices







Dell XPS 15, Galaxy S8

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

 Recently Spotify on my laptop stopped connecting to my other devices, meaning I can't control music from my phone. It also stopped showing up as an offline device on my profile, even though I can download playlists to my computer. 


I've tried reinstalling Spotify as well as removing all my offline devices and logging back in, nothing has worked. I know the problem is with desktop Spotify because my phone can still connect to the Web Player and control music there, but my laptop does not show up.


I know this is only a small issue but any help would be appreciated as it's pretty annoying. 

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I am having the same problem since last Saturday


I was having the same issue for the last few weeks.
Running Spotify with "Run as Administrator" is what got it back to working for me.
Now it syncs and shows all my other devices under "Devices Available".

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