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Spotify only shows Albums tab by Saved Albums Only

Spotify only shows Albums tab by Saved Albums Only

I have Spotify Premium, running on Windows 7. I always used the albums tab to listen to my saved music, however it has been completely ruined as of lately. I believe Spotify has just recently made album saving and song saving two different things, which I cannot even come up with any words to explain how incredibly idiotic this decision was. Previously, you could save parts of an album, say, all songs except for additional live recordings. Now, you are forced to save all songs of an album for it to appear in your albums tab, not only hiding away a large portion of my albums, but forcing me to listen to those extra live recordings despite them not being a part of the core album. So now, I am locked out of a good portion of my library, and if I wish to see them again, I am forced to listen to them unoptimally (when the last actual song of the album plays, it will autoplay unnecessary additions). I will take absolutely no excuse for this, if this change is not reverted, I will not renew my Spotify subscription and encourage my friends and family not to use this service.


I really have to plead, as I have been using this service for almost two years with minimum problems, but this past change has had me fuming. PLEASE revert this past change that seperated saving albums and saving songs, and fix the albums tab to show albums that are not entirely saved. This change is an extreme inconvenience, and I will not change the way I use Spotify because of a decision that negatively affects me, the customer, for no benefit to anyone.

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I think I have the same problem?


But I didn't know why, is it because of what you explain here?

I agree with you, this is TERRIBLE CHANGE

This quoted from them:


"We're sorry for the confusion. The artists saved in your Library will be the ones you Follow. You'll also need to save the full album for it to appear in your saved albums. Everything seems to be behaving the way it should. Rest assured, we'll pass your feedback onto the right folks. Give us a shout if you need anything else."


SO is a changed they made. I disagree it is "the way it should"


I guess it might be time to move to Google Play Music. Wonderig whether it could be possible to access the data of my libary to move it?

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