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Spotify preventing Windows from sleep (Legacy Kernel

Spotify preventing Windows from sleep (Legacy Kernel

My Windows machine recently stopped going into sleep mode properly. I've encountered this from time time for various reasons. This time I've been able to narrow it down to Spotify. 


To see what is preventing sleep mode, I run the command "powercfg -requests" in the Command Prompt (Admin mode), which returns:

[DRIVER] Legacy Kernel Caller


This happens regardless of whether Spotify is playing or not. Close Spotify, the command will no longer return the error. Restart Spotify, it immediately appears again. I tested several times, and Spotify is definitely the culprit.


Please fix! Until then, make sure to close Spotify before putting your machine to sleep. Hope this helps.



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Press Windows key

Type: Cmd

Right Click Cmd and Click "Run as Administrator"

Type: powercfg -REQUESTSOVERRIDE DRIVER "Legacy Kernel Caller" SYSTEM

Press Enter

Should be solved.

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